The Over The Hedge solution allows you to do things you could never do before!

Improve your efficiency

Spend less time looking at your pruning arm. Spend less time estimating its position. Worry less about dodging obstacles. With Over The Hedge, your efficiency can be improved by up to 10%!

Lower your training

Pruning hedges can be difficult. It requires a lot of experience and time before somebody can control the complex pruning tractor and have a good end result. Using Over The Hedge, the operator can be assured the hedge is being pruned correctly, even in tricky places.

Prune behind obstacles

Pruning a part of the hedge that isn’t visible can be notoriously difficult. Stop worrying, using OverTheHedge you know exactly what you are doing!

Get a perfect end result

Some customers are more demanding than others. Using OverTheHedge you can guarentee them a perfectly pruned hedge!

Works on any tractor

OverTheHedge can be installed on every tractor. You can even move it from one tractor to another one in less than a minute!

Work in all conditions

Working when looking at the sun can be challenging. Dark or rainy conditions are even worse! Using OverTheHedge, you can easily work in all these conditions.